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T-shirt for everybody including guests and visitors





【Price】2,500yen(tax included)

Length 62 66 72 75 77
Width 48 49 52 55 58

【Attension!】Please confirm your size with length and width.

[Limited] Sumida Jazz Logo T-shirt

In memory of the 10th Sumida Jazz Festival, we created limited T-shirt with "Sumida Jazz Logo T-shirt" printed in front!
The logo was made at the time of the first Jazz Festival back in 2010, and it still remains as the official logo of the event.

In addition to the black T-shirt sold at the first festival, we have a simple white shirt with the logo.
The white T-shirt represents our wishes that by going back to the starting point, the Sumida Jazz lasts foreever.

Please don't miss it!

【Price】2,500yen(tax included)





Tote bag

Here come the new goods for 2019, the 10th anniversary year!

The tote bag was made with a hope that you can enjoy Sumida Jazz while carrying pamphlet, towel to wipe off sweat, etc.
The bag can be used as ""shoulder type"" by carrying it on your shoulder.  You will get hot with both of your hands open!

The bag is made of durable 12-ounce material and comes in handy as a shopping bag.

Please buy it with a T-shirt!

【Price】1,500yen(tax included)



The Sumida Street Jazz Festival Executive Committee
C/O Tokyo Art Co.,ltd, 1-15-16 Taihei, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0012, Japan

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