Cleaner Sumida than before the event!

Sumida Jazz pays a lot of attention to eco activities.
"Do not create garbage! Do not throw away garbage! Cleaner town than before the event!" is the catch copy.
Garbage that you can not take back with you are to be deposited to eco booth nearby.

[Please separate garbage!]

  • Combustibles
    Papers, raw garbage, sticks, Plastic bottles labels etc.
  • Incombustibles
    Metals etc.
  • Plastic bottles
    Caps & labels are combustible garbage.
  • Cans
    Empty, crush, and throw away to the garbage bag.
  • Empty glasses
    Watch out! Do not break!
  • Chopsticks
    Will go to paper company!
  • Unfinished drink
    Unfinished drink should go to buckets.



Smoking on the road near Sumida-ku Kinsicyou station, Ryougoku station, Tokyo skytree station is prohibitted, according to the Sumida-ku Street Smoking Prohibition Rule.Smoking is only allowed in the designated area.

Garbage reduction campaign

As for draft beer's cups, do not throw away one by one, but throw away in a pile to reduce the garbage!
Everyone! Please leave it to eco booth without crushing.

Tenpura oil recycle project

Oils used at food & drink booth in Kinshi Park will be collected by "TOKYO yuden", the company in Sumida-ku, and will be recycled as bio-diesel fuel etc..
Used oil, over due oil in home are to be collected♪
The event that uses electricity generated from recycled fuel: VDF(Vegetable Diesel Fuel) is to be held this year at eco booth.
Please look forward!
Sponsored by TOKYO yuden

Let's play music environmentally friendly!

Sumida Street Jazz Festival actively uses natural & renewable energy,  in order to make the event environmentally friendly.

Challenge 1   Renewable energies are used for all stages!

Electricity generated from renewable energy, such as wind & solar, geothermal,hydro,biomass etc., has an environmental value, such as saving energy, reducing CO2, etc., in addition to its own electricity, compared with the electricity  conventionally generated from fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, etc..
"Green Electricity Certificates" represent the environmental value of renewable energy generated and can be traded.
Corporations, organizations, events, that can not  directly use renewable energy, can indirectly buy this "Green Electricity Certificates",  so that they can contribute to save environment, such as reducing CO2, and to promote renewable energy.
Sumida Jazz supports this Green Electricity Certificate system, and got the Certificate of 700kWh electricity.
Electricity for all 45 stages, including Kinshi Park, are generated from renewable energy ( Solar energy from 38 places in Iida city, Nagano prefecture ).
Sponsored by Next Energy & Resources Co., Ltd.

Challenge 2  Generate electricity from tenpura oil recycling fuel! ( planning)

This year's eco booth is not just the place to collect garbage!?
Please check out what events are going on♪
Sponsored by TOKYO yuden



The Sumida Street Jazz Festival Executive Committee
C/O Tokyo Art Co.,ltd, 1-15-16 Taihei, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0012, Japan

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