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Official Anthem

Sumida Jazz Official Anthem has completed!

Under the concept of “revitalize our city through music”, we drove ourselves to move forward.
For the last couple of years, we started to eager to have our own anthem for the music festival.

How can we make it? Who will make it?
Then we established an anthem team and had a lot of discussions, which at last lead to the completion of our own anthem.

The composer is a member of Vermilion Field who is active in Kansai area and has supported and played at the Sumida Street Jazz Festival since the first year.
The arrangers are members of the TAWOYAME Orquesta who have also added a nice touch to the Festival since the first year.
We actually had birthing pains – there were times with only objections at every meeting.  But at the end of the day, the amount of pain gave us greater feeling of happiness and accomplishment when it was completed.
This is a fantastic work!
Once you listen to it, you cannot help humming along with the tune.

I expect a day will soon come when every Sumi-Jazz lover enjoys singing the anthem.

The CD of the anthem is not for sale.  This is a gift for you in exchange of your donation of 1,000 yen for our gratitude.  So please enjoy the CD as a token of our gratitude.
Also only for now, you will get an original sticker for the Sumida Street Jazz Festival!

Sumida Street Jazz Festival Sticker

In addition to the anthem, a symbolic song for Sumida, “HANA (flower)” by Rentaro Taki with an arranged version.
Sumi-Jazz also likes the town of Sumida.
Those who are interested in, would like to support, or like so much Sumi-jazz, your donation is more than welcome.

What is "Anthem"?

Anthem originally means “chant", "hymn", and "celebration song", and in the modern era, songs to celebrate and cheer specific country and sport team such as "national anthem" and "fight song" are called anthems.
Standard number cheering Sumida Street Jazz Festival and partying everybody, that is our official anthem for the Sumida Street Jazz Festival.

Sumida Street Jazz Festival official anthem "Tree of the Sun ~ Arvore do Sol ~."

  1. track 1. Tree of the Sun~Arvore do Sol~

    performed by Vermilion Field
    written by Akira Hasegawa / arranged by Yosuke Kurita

  2. track 2. Tree of the Sun~Arvore do Sol~ [TAWOYAME Orquesta version]

    performed by TAWOYAME Orquesta
    written by Akira Hasegawa / arranged by Tomoko Okamura

  3. track 3. Cronometrador

    performed by Vermilion Field
    written by Keijin Shu / arranged by Keijin Shu & Yosuke Kurita

  4. track 4. Hana

    performed by Vermilion Field
    written by Rentaro Taki / arranged by Yosuke Kurita


Other tracks also can be previewed here

Music score

You may download a music score (melody and code) for the Anthem "Arvore do sol" in PDF format (about 65KB) here.




The Sumida Street Jazz Festival Executive Committee
C/O Tokyo Art Co.,ltd, 1-15-16 Taihei, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0012, Japan

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