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Sumida JAZZ which is all free of charge event is intends for an enjoyable event for performers, audience and residents.
We will proclaim as always, an earth & people loving 10th anniversary Sumida JAZZ !
[What's in the project!?]
  • Volume control by preventing sound leakage
    Placing noise absorption walls behind the Kinshi Park Stage.
  • Volume control by placing sound barriers & noise absorption walls
    Placing them for Main Tower Speakers
  • Volume control by Speaker Placement
    Noise-considering placement of Speakers
  • Sound level (Noise) Measurement
    Instructions to decrease sound level according to measurement, saving data for Kinshi Park Stage (Evaluation Improvement Material)
  • Use of sound proof materials for some Street Stages is planned.
  • Use of sound proof materials for nighttime running generators for Kinshi Park is planned.

Sumida JAZZ will take the initiative in noise control, the problem each of the Street Music Festivals held in 23 Wards of Tokyo are facing!


If you or someone nearby seems unwell,It may be HEATSHOCK!? Go to the First Aid Booth!

To enjoy Sumida JAZZ with good health,

  1. Drink water, take salt regularly!
  2. Move to a cool place regularly!
  3. Don't bear if you feel something's wrong!

If there are subjective symptoms, get help and go to the First Aid Booth!
If someone nearby seems unwell,speak to the person and take him to the First Aid Booth! Ask freely for advice!

[Heatstroke Symptoms]

□Headache □Nausea □Dizzyness □Numbnessor shivering of limbs □Cold sweat □Stiff Shoulder, Tension of the neck □Cramp in the calf □Flushed face □Feeling dull

If you have any of these symptoms, don't hesitate to call for help!

"TAKUMI NO SHIOAME(salt candy by candymaker)",is distributed at First Aid Booth, Headquarters, Events Booth, and Stages.Get some salt candy!
Sponsor/ Saraya .Co.Ltd

Sumida JAZZ Photo Exhibition is being held!

Go and check the following places.

  • 16th(Friday) 17th(Saturday)
    46 Sumida Triphony Hall Large Hall Lobby
  • Hikifune Library ( 〜end of August)
    Sumida-ku Kyojima 1-36-5
  • Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo ( 〜August 19th)
    Sumida-ku Kinshi 1-2-2
  • Seafood Bar MARU (〜end of August)
    Sumida-ku Kotobashi 4-29-15
  • Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Kinshicho Station(〜Aug 19th)
    Passage from West Exit to Arca East

The 10th Sumida Street Jazz Festival

Organizer Sumida Street Jazz Festival Executive Committee
Date August 16 (Fri) - 18 (Sun), 2019
Stage venues About 40 indoor/outdoor stages around Kinshicho station, Ryogoku station, and Tokyo Sky Tree (All venue is free of charge)
About the Event
  • This is a street live event with around 400 bands performing on about 40 indoor and outdoor stages.
  • “JUZZ BUS” runs among the venues so that you can move around venues while enjoying the live performance.
  • You can also enjoy variety of food at food booths in Kinshi Park

…and other events with your family.